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(Printed by ASO September 2007 and Heartland Outdoors August 2007)

Nate Herman, owner of Herman Brothers Pond Management, is proud to announce that his firm has been selected by Cabela's, the World's Foremost Outfitter, as the exclusive Lake Mapping Partner of Cabela's Trophy Properties in central Illinois territories 909, 910, 913 and 914.

Cabela's Lake Mapping Partners help pond and lake owners understand and maximize their aquatic resources by providing detailed contour, depth, and 3D maps of their water bodies. Recreational property owners, lake associations, golf courses, marinas, developers, governmental organizations, and fishing clubs are some of the customers who utilize lake mapping services. "Cabela's Trophy Properties", as Nate explained, "is a network of experts who help those who buy, sell, manage, develop, lease, and own recreational properties across North America , and around the globe".

Full enjoyment of your lake or pond requires an understanding of the resource. It is critical to know the exact acreage and depths to make the right management decisions. An accurate lake map provides the information needed to maximize the aquatic resource. Uses for lake maps include boating and fishing, sedimentation monitoring, aquatic weed control, fisheries management, habitat development, land use planning, construction and excavation, and renovation.

HB Pond Management has been helping people who have owned or managed recreational properties since spring of 2007 and now they will be able to apply the benefit of Cabela's outdoor expertise to the properties they assist with the program.

Cabela's Trophy Properties is excited to have HB Pond Management as one of their lake mapping partners. "Nate's enthusiasm is contagious, and he loves helping people enjoy their aquatic resources. We look forward to seeing him do great things in west central Illinois" stated Steve Bartosh, Senior Consultant for Cabela's Trophy Properties.

If you are a lake or pond owner or manager and want to know about the services available to you through this program you can call Nate Herman at (309) 303-5691 or email him at nate@hblakemanagement.com

Herman Brothers Lake and Land Management